Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Trinacria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily

Buongiorno amici! I hope that you have all had a very enjoyable Summer and, following the advice from my August post, made a wish on a shooting star for 'La Notte di San Lorenzo'!

I am very happy to share with you all that I have recently been given the title of Duchessa ....... I must be honest, however, and admit that this is actually as part of an exciting campaign to publish the historical novel 'Trinacria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily'. The author of this novel, Anthony Di Renzo, is a Professor at Ithaca College and is also a friend of mine who has impressed me immensely over the past months with his knowledge of Sicily and his enthusiasm for this project.

I was very happy to put Sig. Di Renzo in touch with the experienced Business Consultant Roberto Ragone and together they have created this wonderful campaign to raise the necessary publication funds for Trinacria. The sponsor of the campaign is the Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere, a beautiful villa in Staten Island overlooking the Verrazano Bridge, which is dedicated to preserving and promoting an appreciation of the Italian language, culture and heritage.


Set in 18th- and 19th-century Palermo, Naples, and London, Trinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily revolves around the Marchesa of Scalea, Zita Valanguerra Spinelli, notorious beauty, ferocious wit, secret murderer, and reluctant businesswoman, whose turbulent life mirrors her world’s rocky transition from feudalism to capitalism.

For anybody that wants to get involved (and maybe even gain Duca or Duchessa status!) the Trinacria campaign is at the following link - http://www.indiegogo.com/trinacria.

You can also watch this fascinating video about the novel's story -

A presto!

Debra Santangelo

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